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Box-it Central was established in 1997 by Leslie Evans, who still owns and operates the company from its fully secure facility located on the outskirts of Warwick. The company offers an extensive range of document management services, all of which are facilitated from Box-it Central’s own site, including shredding, storage, scanning and electronic document processing through the Omnidox hosted service. The business has successfully attained the quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and environmental standard ISO 14001:2004.

Facilities include spacious, clean, humidity-controlled storage for secure document archiving for which specialist boxes in a variety of sizes can be provided. All boxes are bar-coded for efficient retrieval and tracking. There has also been substantial investment in a powerful, state-of-the-art shredding facility installed on-site, giving Box-it Central the scope to offer a total management solution throughout every stage of a document’s lifespan, from collection through to destruction. Shredded bales are then recycled into new paper products.

Box-it Central forms part of a network of fourteen branches across the country with the head office being located in Hampshire.

The company’s customer service is paramount and this coupled with our association to other neighbouring branches throughout the UK ensures that we provide our customers with a local presence whilst providing national coverage.

Secure site

Knowing that your data is being stored securely is paramount with any offsite storage business. Whilst Box-it Central offers an extensive range of document management services, we are able to do so securely. Our storage, scanning and data destruction services benefit from a range of measures including access controlled personnel doors, intruder alarms, smoke detection and the latest digital CCTV covering the site. In addition to the physical security measures at the site we also have fleet tracking on all our vehicles providing us with real time knowledge on where your data is. Our electronic data storage is hosted and backed up securely on servers based in the UK.

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Box-it Central is pleased to be supporting The Myton Hospices throughout 2017/18.  As our nominated charity, we will be taking part in a wide range of fundraising activities to support...
Box-it Central is committed to both a quality and environmental document management policy and ensures that its service meets the requirements of its customers at all times within the framework...
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Our team is focused on delivering the highest possible customer service standards and in order to ensure your information is secure we carry out DBS checks on all employees. As a...
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