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How do I request Box-it's shredding service?
What types of containers does Box-it provide?
Are we assigned a dedicated Account Manager?
How do you track our boxes?
What is the best procedure for cataloguing?
Are documents shredded immediately?
How do I pay?
How long can I store my documents for?
Can we visit Box-it's premises before we commit?
What is the minimum number of boxes Box-it stores for any client? And is there a maximum?
What security measures does Box-it have in place?
What preparation is needed from our organisation before sending boxes into storage?
I’m a private individual and I have documents I'd like to shred - where do I go?
How secure are my documents during transit?
Who do you provide your services to?
What if we need to urgently recall a box held in storage by Box-it?
Can Box-it provide archive boxes?
How do I know my documents have been destroyed securely? And what should I do with this information?
Is there a minimum quantity required?

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