To help you understand your responsibility towards managing your business’s documents there are a number of free tools for you to use.

Document retention schedule

Provides you with an invaluable guide to understand how to look after your records and suggests minimum periods of time that a specific record must be preserved. To request your free guide, please click here.

Useful articles

A range of articles written by experts.  These articles provide a greater understanding about a range of subjects relating to document management and a very useful tool in understanding the different options to consider.

Document management – the fast facts
For the record – outsourcing is beneficial
Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) – explained
Hybrid Document Management – ‘paper was king’
Records Retention Policy
Off-site Document Storage
Take Control of your Records
Balancing Paper and Electronic Records Management
A Perfect Partnership – FM and Document Management
The Benefits of Cloud Based Document Management
Not A Shred of Evidence
Cataloguing for Compliance
To Back Scan or Not to Back Scan? That is the question
Paper Document Management in a Digital World
Helping You to Manage Your Electronic Documents
Box-it – Cataloguing Your Archives Infographic
A Cost Saving Solution for Electronic and Paper HR Records
Box-it Central – The Importance of Indexing
The Journey of an Archive Box into Storage
Learn the 6 Rules of R.E.C.O.R.D. for Best Practice in Records Management
The Need to Know about Omnidox Records Manager
5 Things You Need to Know when Developing a Records Retention Policy

Box-it Central Services Integral to Facilities Management
Good Reasons to Catalogue Your Archive Content
Digitisation and Making it Work for Your Business
What we can shred, what we can’t shred
Keeping a Record of Records

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