Are documents shredded immediately?

Documents brought back to our site are unloaded into our secure shredding warehouse and destroyed within 24 working hours.

How do I know my documents have been destroyed securely? And what should I do with this information?

Appropriate certification will be provided dependent on the service type and this should be retained by the customer for two years.

How do I pay?

For ad hoc and scheduled collections, there’s a simple account set-up and you are invoiced monthly post completion of the service. Payment by bank transfer.

How do I request Box-it’s shredding service?

To request a collection simply email centralops@boxit.co.uk, stating the amount of confidential waste you want to destroy and we’ll do the rest.

How secure are my documents during transit?

Security is our top priority! We use only our own DBS checked staff and all our vehicles are fully tracked.

I’m a private individual and I have documents I’d like to shred – where do I go?

Our sister company, Squab, offer a domestic shredding service. Simply get in touch via the website, email enquiries@squab.co.uk or phone 0845 4680 160.

Is there a minimum quantity required?

There is no minimum quantity we will destroy however, there is a minimum charge for our collection service.

What types of containers does Box-it provide?

Secure shredding sacks and ties, lockable consoles and lockable wheelie bins.

Who do you provide your services to?

Box-it only provide services to businesses – whether that be document destruction, document storage, digital storage, or a combination. We look after the entire document lifecycle! If you are looking for domestic shredding, please contact our sister company Squab, who also offer removals, storage, van hire and conference facilities.


Are we assigned a dedicated Account Manager?

Every client is important to us and is immediately allocated an account manager. We offer a proactive account management service to ensure that your needs are continually met and you’re getting the best value for money on the services that we offer.

Can Box-it provide archive boxes?

We sell good quality storage boxes in packs of 10 and they come in small, medium and large.

Can we visit Box-it’s premises before we commit?

You are very welcome to visit the site in office hours and meet the team who will be looking after your documents.

How do you track our boxes?

We provide you with bar codes for each box which we scan at every stage of their journey.

How long can I store my documents for?

Documents need to be stored as long as legally required – we can provide you with information relating to the retention period.  Click here to request our document retention guide.

What if we need to urgently recall a box held in storage by Box-it?

We can offer a same day delivery service or scan a file for you and return it via a secure web-link.

What is the best procedure for cataloguing?

The key to having a good document management system is the way in which you catalogue your files. There are various ways to do this from a simple spread sheet to something that is more complex but depending on the size of the organisation or department there are a range of issues to consider – ask for further information.

What is the minimum number of boxes Box-it stores for any client? And is there a maximum?

There is no minimum number of boxes we will store for you however there is a minimum charge per quarter. We can cater for any number of boxes and have no limit on the number we will bring into store.

What preparation is needed from our organisation before sending boxes into storage?

All you need to do is complete a new box deposit schedule, put barcodes on to your boxes and we’ll do the rest. If you have a lot of boxes coming in to store then we can import your existing spread sheet with a little bit of preparation – ask for further details.

What security measures does Box-it have in place?

We have 24hr CCTV, barrier access, alarmed warehouses, fully tracked vehicles and DBS checked staff.

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