Onsite & Offsite shredding

We offer two distinct types of secure document shedding service; Onsite Shredding and Offsite Shredding. These services are available to clients in many towns and cities throughout Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and other parts of the West Midlands.

Both our Onsite Shredding and Offsite Shredding services can be booked for one-off bulk shredding purges, or as part of a regular scheduled service according to your needs.

We can supply all consumables, such as shredding sacks and barcoded security fasteners, as well as lockable wheelie bins (120 and 240 L) and lockable office consoles. If you store with us, we can also provide ‘shelf to shredder’ destruction services upon your instruction.

Once the paper has been shredded, it is then baled and recycled into new paper products. Certificates of Destruction are issued at the end of all our destruction services.

We can provide quick quotes and usually offer fast turnaround if needed for any of our destruction services.

Onsite Shredding:

The ultimate in secure shredding, this service involves our mobile shredding lorry coming to your business address and destroying your documents at your premises. Our uniformed shredding operatives will transfer your paperwork to the lorry where you can view the destruction process for complete peace of mind.

Offsite Shredding:

This is a fully tracked cost-effective service, where we collect your obsolete paperwork and return them in our vehicles to our secure shredding facility at Box-it Central where they are destroyed within 24 hours of receipt. Sacks are sealed with secure, barcoded fasteners to monitor status, and all our vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers. This is ideal for all types of shredding, including general office paper waste.


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