Shredding & Destruction

We live in a world where personal / confidential data is a valuable commodity for ID theft and other criminal or malicious activities. That is why any documentation with personal or sensitive data should always be securely destroyed, as should any other type of confidential record.

Our commercial document destruction services are designed to give you complete peace of mind that your paper records have been safely destroyed, in line with the latest Data Protection regulations, namely the GDPR.

All our shredding services take place in a highly secure environment, as part of a fully-tracked process which culminates with the issue of Certificates of Destruction. We only use our own Box-it DBS-checked staff, and our own liveried vehicles for collections.

Our service adheres to BS EN 15713:2009 for Secure Destruction of Confidential Data and Recycling Services.

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Security, privacy and safeguarding of personal data is an underlying theme of the GDPR. That principle applies to how documents containing personal or sensitive personal details are ultimately destroyed. Personal...
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