Digital capture of paper documents and real time secure access

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Converting your hardcopy documents into a more easily accessible electronic format is carried out using high quality document imaging hardware. We understand that all requirements are different and we can handle simple one off scanning work through to more complex ongoing scanning projects. All of this work is carried out using our own DBS checked staff.

Agreeing the plan

For all scanning projects we firstly understand how you want to sort and access your files once scanned and then run a pilot to check you are happy.

Preparing the documents

All documents are prepared by removing paperwork from folders/ files, de-tagging and then all staples are removed.

Scanning the documents

The documents can be scanned in colour or black and white and once they have been scanned the image quality is checked.


Indexing refers to the way in which the files can be sorted and therefore searched for. The majority of indexing is to two levels but this can be increased depending on your requirements.

Outputting the files

Electronic files are generally made available in pdf or tiff file formats and can either be saved to disk, exported to your servers or alternatively hosted using Box-it’s purpose built online hosting solution –Omnidox

If you require your scans to be formattable then we can offer an OCR service or data entry. Alternatively if you have more unusual scanning requirements such as large format, microfiche or microfilm click here.

Once the paperwork is scanned it can be stored, shredded or returned to you.

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