Digital capture of paper documents and real time secure access

Digital Document Hosting

Digital Document Hosting

Omnidox Storage Awards Winner

Omnidox is Box-it’s purpose built, secure, web enabled platform for managing all of your business content including digital, paper records, emails, office documents and can handle almost any file format you require.

From single site small offices, to large multisite operations around the UK, Omnidox offers you a range of benefits:

  • Electronic document depositary that combines your hardcopy scanned documents and your electronic documents in one place.
  • Standard modules offer you basic categorisation of documents although the product is bespokely modified to each business’ search criteria.
  • A high level of traceability to all documents stored on Omnidox – providing a clear history on what has happened to the document throughout its lifetime.
  • User defined access control to ensure full traceability of who is viewing, adding, deleting document on/from the system.
  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days per annum via secure internet access (https) with servers being hosted and backed up in the UK.

Omnidox is innovative, cost effective and simple to use. It provides businesses with digital document management, business processing and search and retrieval of your records.

For further information on Omnidox and the various priced packages available please call us on 0845 468 0135 or contact us using the quick quote form.

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