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Onsite Shredding

Onsite Shredding

For ultimate security Box-it’s onsite destruction service enables you to view your information being destroyed on your own site. Once shredded our mobile shredding lorry returns to our own site where the paperwork is baled and sent off for recycling.

There are a range of options available:

Onsite ShreddingOne off purge

Simply contact us to arrange pick up of your boxes or sacks or alternatively Box-it can provide you with free sacks.

Regular services

Onsite ShreddingFor more frequent collections Box-it provides a choice of consoles and wheelie bins (120, 240L) which are securely locked and remain in your office. You fill these and then our trained operatives will automatically empty them once a week/fortnight/month in agreement with your requirements.

Once shredded Box-it will provide you with the relevant certifications to ensure that your environmental obligations are fulfilled.

Onsite ShreddingIn addition to paper destruction we can offer recycling services for paper and cardboard.

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