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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive DestructionOnsite hard drive destruction is critical to your company’s data protection policy and is an effective tool against data fraud. With hard drives holding a huge amount of information about the company, its customers and suppliers, it could be incredibly harmful if they get into the wrong hands.

Typically businesses will upgrade their computers, remove hard drives and use software to erase the data before sending off to a recycler. This isn’t a guaranteed method of data destruction with the potential for some information being left on the hard drive.

Hard Drive DestructionBox-it’s onsite hard drive destroyer allows you to witness your drives being destroyed quickly and effectively. Data destruction is guaranteed by punching out the drive motor, following which the disk platters are rippled and contaminated making any kind of data retrieval impossible. The drive is beyond use as the disks will not spin up on the damaged motor. Even if the disks were fitted to another motor the ripples and contamination of the magnetic substrate covering the surface of the disk plates make data retrieval impossible.

Once the disks are destroyed and a certificate of destruction issued, they are available for inspection before being taken away and the disposal process begins. The destroyed disks are sent to our Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment approved partner for recycling.

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