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Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction Services

A combination of compliance to the Data Protection Act and prevention of ID fraud means that companies have a responsibility and need to ensure that the data they hold is destroyed securely when it comes to the end of its life.

Our range of services are accredited to British Standard BS EN 15713:2009 for Secure Destruction of Confidential Data and Recycling Services providing you peace of mind over the secure destruction of your data.

The destruction takes place under our full jurisdiction – either on our own site in the heart of Warwickshire or using our own trucks and employees on your site.

Offsite shredding

Provides a cost effective method of destroying your data. All of the boxes/sacks you provide are tracked using our barcode, track and trace technology, providing you with security reassurance from pickup to point of destruction.

Onsite shredding

Our onsite shredding lorry provides you with additional peace of mind with all of the data destruction taking place before leaving your site.

Hard Drive destruction

Our onsite hard drive destroyer is an effective means of destroying your hard drives, rendering the data inaccessible. This process is carried out onsite and allows you to view the destruction of potentially very sensitive data.

For additional peace of mind we track all of our vehicles and our site is covered by access control and there are a large number of digital CCTV cameras in operation.

We have some fantastic offers with every new shredding contract signed and can offer sacks to skips for all your individual requirements. Read more…

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Hard Drive Destruction
Hard Drive Destruction Onsite hard drive destruction is critical to your company's data protection policy and is an effective tool against data fraud. With hard drives holding a huge amount...
Onsite Shredding
Onsite Shredding For ultimate security Box-it's onsite destruction service enables you to view your information being destroyed on your own site. Once shredded our mobile shredding lorry returns to our...
Offsite Shredding
Offsite Shredding Box-it's offsite shredding service provides a cost effective method of securely disposing of your paperwork, using our tracked vehicles and DBS checked personnel. Our commercial shredder and baler ensure...
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