Box-it Central offer a wide range of services to suit owner managed business (we offer a number of fixed price storage & shredding solutions right through to large multi site companies with offices around the country.

The key difference with Box-it Central is that we offer all of these services using our own staff, vehicles and site enabling us to have total control over your documents. We also have an account manager ensuring that you won’t ever go through a call centre.

The range of services we offer include:

Paper Document Management

We provide a range of paper based document management services including secure box/file storage, same day/next day delivery services and scan on demand options for retrieving documents quickly and efficiently.  We can also supply you with a tape rotation service, cataloguing service and high quality archive boxes.

Digital Document Management

Our digital document management services are continually evolving and include scanning services, electronic document storage and a wide variety of business processing services which make the search/retrieval and distribution of records simple.

Data Destruction Services

Complying with the data protection policies is vital for every business and to accommodate this Box-it Central provides a wide range of confidential onsite and offsite destruction services for your paper documents and  IT hardware.

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Data Destruction Services
Data Destruction Services A combination of compliance to the Data Protection Act and prevention of ID fraud means that companies have a responsibility and need to ensure that the data...
Hard Drive Destruction
Hard Drive Destruction Onsite hard drive destruction is critical to your company's data protection policy and is an effective tool against data fraud. With hard drives holding a huge amount...
Onsite Shredding
Onsite Shredding For ultimate security Box-it's onsite destruction service enables you to view your information being destroyed on your own site. Once shredded our mobile shredding lorry returns to our...
Offsite Shredding
Offsite Shredding Box-it's offsite shredding service provides a cost effective method of securely disposing of your paperwork, using our tracked vehicles and DBS checked personnel. Our commercial shredder and baler ensure...
Digital Document Management
Digital Document Management Our digital document management services are wide ranging from simply scanning and providing you with output on a disk to scanning and hosting your scanned documents on...
Additional Digital Services
Additional Digital Services Additional digital services that Box-it Central provide include: OCR and Data entry If you need to format your scanned image then Box-It provides two solutions: Our optical...
Digital Document Hosting
Digital Document Hosting   Omnidox is Box-it’s purpose built, secure, web enabled platform for managing all of your business content including digital, paper records, emails, office documents and can handle...
Document Scanning
Document Scanning Converting your hardcopy documents into a more easily accessible electronic format is carried out using high quality document imaging hardware. We understand that all requirements are different and...
Paper Document Management
Paper Document Management Our document management services include collection, storage and retrieval services providing low cost, secure solutions to your time resources and space limitations. Consultancy Our trained representatives can...
Additional Paper Services
Additional Paper Services Box-it Central provides a range of complementary services to its document storage services. Archive boxes We provide a range of high quality, competitively priced archive boxes which...
Collection & Retrievals
Collection & Retrievals For the physical collection/delivery of your box/file or tape we use our own tracked vehicles and DBS checked staff, which provides us with total control and gives you...
Collection & Retrievals
Collection & Retrievals For the physical collection/delivery of your box/file or tape we use our own tracked vehicles and DBS checked staff, which provides us with total control and gives you...
Storage Services
Storage Services We store a range of different types of documents ranging from architects drawings, through to marketing literature and everything in-between. We also have specially designed fire retardant storage...
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