Why scan?

There are many good reasons for scanning documents. Paper files are bulky and take up space. Digitising them can create opportunities for using office space more efficiently, and improve business performance.

More worryingly, there is also the risk of important paper documents being mislaid, damaged or destroyed completely. Paper documents are more exposed to being viewed by others, or used for malicious activity, such as ID fraud. Having a ‘paper-free’ desk policy helps.

The ability to access information swiftly is paramount in today’s business world. A digital file can be accessed, viewed and shared almost instantly – a much quicker process than searching for that elusive paper record!

And while, ease of access is a key driver, electronic document management systems such as Omnidox, give greater security controls through authorised user permissions and password protection. This can make data in digital format more secure than its paper counterpart.

Scanning Services Explained

Whether small or large, we confidently offer a document scanning solution to suit your requirements. The type of scanning we provide includes:

Scan on Demand

Request scans of your physically stored documents as you need them and view online.

Scan from Archive

Phases in digitisation gradually. Files selected for scanning are based on historical activity and user retrieval needs, within pre-agreed schedules and timescales, and approved workflows.

Back/Bulk Scanning

We can handle large volume scanning projects of physical archives.

One-off Scanning Projects

We can help with ad-hoc scanning projects of all sizes.

Real Time Scanning and Data Capture

Automatically captures, extracts, validates and classifies information before streaming it to relevant departments for processing.

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