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Document Storage

The Background

QualitySolicitors Moore & Tibbits is a long established law firm offering a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses and individuals. With limited storage space available in their offices in Warwick, after scanning documents electronically in-house, Moore & Tibbits’ wanted the additional security of having the paper originals stored off site at a secure location with the ability to retrieve them quickly as and when required.

The Solution

Box-it Central’s pristine storage facility ensures that documents are housed securely in humidity controlled warehouses protected by intruder and fire alarms. All boxes are tracked using an advanced barcode system for full traceability, providing a comprehensive audit trail. Boxes can be efficiently retrieved and delivered back to the client as and when required or returned electronically via Scan on Demand. Archive boxes can also be supplied by Box-it Central.

The Client's View

Tim Ollerenshaw of Moore & Tibbits says, “Outsourcing our document storage frees up valuable office space. We store our own fi les electronically, but have the added security that the original paper versions are securely stored off-site which spreads the risk. Should we want to recall a file, we know it will be swiftly retrieved and returned by Box-it personnel to our offices. We have been using the storage provided by Box-it Central for over 10 years. We have been very happy with the service we receive from Box-it. Staff are always helpful and efficient.”

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