Burgis & Bullock


Burgis & Bullock

Business Type:

Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors


Leamington Spa, Rugby, Nuneaton


Document Storage / Document Destruction

The Background

Burgis & Bullock are Warwickshire based chartered accountants and business advisers with offi ces in Leamington Spa, Rugby and Nuneaton. The nature of the business requires secure off-site document storage for archive fi les and confi dential shredding at the end of a document’s lifecycle.

The Solution

Outsourcing document storage with Box-it Central gives clients the peace of mind that archived files are being securely stored, yet can be efficiently retrieved through the advanced tracking system if
needed. Box-it Central’s warehouses are humidity controlled and fully protected by intruder and fi re alarms, and are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. Archive boxes and a professional cataloging service can be provided.

Box-it Central’s confidential document destruction service is available both on and off-site. Boxit provides Burgis & Bullock’s Nuneaton office with shredding sacks, complete with bar codes and secure zip ties. When the sacks are full, Box-it’s CRB checked personnel collect them on request and return to their own secure shredding facility, which operates under video surveillance. Certificates of destruction are issued on completion. The shredding is then baled ready to be
recycled into new paper based products. A mobile shredding service is also available to clients who want to destroy documents at their own premises.

Through these services, Box-it Central can offer fully compliant document lifecycle management.

The Client's View

Richard Beddow, Client Services Partner – Burgis & Bullock, Leamington Spa says, “We find the services offered by Box-it Central extremely beneficial to the filing efficiencies of our business. By outsourcing document storage, we free up valuable office space in the knowledge that our archive files in storage with Box-it are secure, fully tracked and can be swiftly retrieved at short notice. The confidential shredding service is a very satisfactory way of securely destroying files and office paper waste that is no longer required. It’s good to know that our paper waste is being recycled too.”

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