An Oxfordshire Law Firm


An Oxfordshire Law Firm

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Document Storage and Confidential Destruction

The Background

The Oxfordshire law firm in question is a busy practice that generates a huge quantity of paper files and has a dedicated Facilities Team to oversee its physical archiving obligations and document lifecycle management. While having its own warehouse, the firm also needs to outsource secure storage to free up its own space, with the ability to retrieve any urgent files at short notice. Important legal documentation, such as Title Deeds, warrants additional security using specialist fire-resistant storage. Periodically, old files that are no longer required are reviewed and destroyed. A confidential and efficient service is imperative for their secure destruction and finding a trusted partner to facilitate this was essential for Box-it Central’s client.

The Solution

Box-it Central has been providing the client with document management services since 1998. The practice uses a range of services provided by Box-it, including secure document storage for its physical archiving and confidential destruction for obsolete files. Box-it also provides specialist fire-resistant storage in its secure facility for Deeds held off-site. These important legal documents are security sealed and barcoded, in a fully protected storage facility monitored by 24 hour CCTV which is directly linked to the emergency services.

The volume of transactions is such that Box-it delivers/collects files on a daily basis to/from the client. Files held in storage can very often be urgently required by their clients and Box-it Central’s ability to rapidly retrieve and deliver is essential to meet these needs. Advanced barcode tracking used by Box-it ensures this is carried out accurately and efficiently, with a comprehensive audit trail to log all movement and meet compliancy regulations. All files are logged using Box-it’s online document management service, which also allows customers to track and trace their own files remotely.
When documents reach the end of their lifecycle (and only upon written instruction from the client) files are destroyed using Box-it Central’s secure shredding facility in accordance with the strict criteria of BS EN 15713:2009 for Secure
Destruction of Confidential Material. Box-it offers both on-site and off-site shredding services. Certificates of Destruction are issued at the end of the process. Shredding is baled for recycling into new paper based products.

The Client's View

The law firm’s Facilities and Archiving Manager says, “We have been with Box-it for many years. We feel confident that our files and Deeds are being stored in a safe environment that we have access to on a daily basis. Any company
needing a dependable, competitively priced and hassle-free service should consider Box-it Central for their document management requirements. Box-it’s ordering website is easy to use and delivery is always reliable. The service Box-it  provides is second to none and is the perfect solution for all our storage needs.”

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