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While many organisations may have a paperless or paper-lite strategy, they may also have physical archives in storage to manage. The reason being that in some cases, it hasn’t been cost-effective or practical to carry out large amounts of back-scanning, especially if files are unlikely to be retrieved. However, the files held in storage may also need to be retained by law.

Managing review dates and destruction schedules, and generally controlling the movement of records can be challenging to say the least. This is all made much easier with Omnidox Records Manager from Box-it.

Box It

When you store your physical archives with Box-it Central, you have access to Omnidox Records Manager – a secure web-based portal for managing your physical archive content online at both box and file level. It gives you one centralised picture of all your archive content, even if your business stores at multiple Box-it locations.

ORM allows you to track all movement and activity in and out of storage. In fact, ORM provides many administrator tools for activity-based reporting which means you can view a box or file’s full history.

Reports can also be generated on items that have been retrieved but not returned to storage. Scheduled actions, such as review dates, can be assigned in a system that supports lifecycle management.

Search and retrieval is fast and efficient. ORM allows you to filter searches at box and file level, by your specified criteria, with the ability to export your search results. Retrievals and collections can be ordered online, as can consumables such as archive boxes and barcodes, by a simple ‘add to basket’ feature.

Reporting features can be enhanced further when ORM is used in conjunction with MI Dashboards, providing a clear visual representation of your organisation’s entire archive status.

MI Dashboards is an ‘optional extra’ allowing you to gain information on the percentage of active records, whether they are in or out of storage; the number of records that have never moved out of storage; destruction activity within defined date ranges; records that do not have any review dates or review dates that are overdue; records that have not been returned to storage; new deposits by year, month and week as well as giving a full report on who has requested retrievals.

When you store your physical archives with Box-it Central, you have the reassurance that your records are being stored at a secure location, at a barrier-controlled site that is monitored 24/7 by CCTV and protected by intruder/smoke alarms linked directly to the emergency services.

We use a barcode system to track and trace movement, enabling us to pinpoint a box or file’s exact location when in storage, or in transit in one of our Box-it liveried vehicles, equipped with GPS trackers.

Just think of how much office space you could save by outsourcing your document storage and the benefits in ‘archive control’ you could experience by using ORM. We provide delivery and collections services covering Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and parts of the West Midlands, as well as scan on demand should you need a document delivered back in a hurry.

We offer a total solution, including confidential document shredding services when documents have reached the end of their lifecycle.

You see, Box-it Central really can help make physical archive management easy! Please get in touch for more details or a quote.

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