Digitisation Services Supporting GDPR Compliance

We have been talking about the GDPR for some time here at Box-it Central, in particular emphasising how our services can help support our clients with compliance. These include digital, physical and integrated solutions designed to tighten controls and take the hassle out of document management.

As an example, our data capture and digitisation services are proving beneficial to many, especially when used in conjunction with Omnidox Document Manager, our secure web-based repository for storing, viewing and sharing documents.

One of the principles within the GDPR is ‘The Right of Access’, which means all businesses storing personal data must have a process and system in place to provide an individual, should they request it, with a copy of the personal data held on file.

By law, this information has to be provided to the individual within 30 days from the date the request is made. Therefore, being able to access this documentation accurately and efficiently is a fundamental part of GDPR compliance.

Having your documents in a digital format, stored in a secure repository such as Omnidox Document Manager, supports this process. The ICO recommends that, “if an individual makes a request electronically, you should provide the information in a commonly used electronic format, unless the individual requests otherwise’.

Electronic documents saved within a secure system, with password protected access are, of course, generally deemed to be ‘more secure’ than their paper counterparts which are more exposed to being viewed by unauthorised personnel, or even stolen, copied or lost. Paper is of course prone to damage and deterioration too.

If you are contemplating having your paper records digitised, then Box-it Central can assist with all your data capture and document scanning projects, irrespective of volume, paper size and complexity.

Our document scanning services are conducted in a highly secure environment, accessed only by authorised DBS checked personnel giving you the reassurance that your sensitive documentation is in safe hands. We use sophisticated technology and can capture any data you require, as well as the option of scanning with full OCR. Digitised files are output in a format of your choice.

This can sound a rather daunting prospect, but we assign a project manager to partner you throughout the process, and run pilots to make sure it is meeting your expectations.

We offer the option of either returning your paper originals to you or can store them on-site in one of our secure document storage centres, or destroy them via our confidential shredding services.

Should you choose to use Omnidox Document Manager for your digital storage solution then let us tell you more about its many benefits:

• It is built on Box-it’s award-winning ‘digital document storage’ platform, Omnidox.
• Affordable even for small businesses, it has been developed by Box-it specifically with the SME sector in mind.
• Omnidox is a very secure https: encrypted platform, hosted in the UK
• Being Cloud based, authorised users can instantly access documents from any location, 365 days of the year, making it ideal for those who hot desk or work remotely.
• It makes search and retrieval fast, accurate and efficient.
• All user activity is recorded providing a comprehensive audit trail.
• A variety of user permissions can be assigned, controlling who can access, or make revisions or deletions to certain documents.
• It is user-friendly and straightforward to implement.
• Documents can be scanned by Box-it, or you can scan your own as there is the option to upload from desktop.

A brochure giving more insight to Omnidox Document Manager can be downloaded here, but of course, our sales team at Box-it Central would be more than happy to discuss the system in more detail, or arrange a no-obligation demonstration.

We hope that you are ‘GDPR ready’. While it is indeed a ‘hot topic’ that is dominating conversation and decisions within many organisations, even at Boardroom level, the GDPR is very much about a ‘best practice’, which very few of us can (or wish to) argue against, not least when the security and integrity of our personal data is at stake.

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