ORM Free Trial Offer Extended – Just a few days left!

So, you may store your physical documents with Box-it Central but are you using Omnidox Records Manager (ORM) yet? If you didn’t manage to take advantage of our FREE ORM trial offer before Christmas, fear not because there is still a little time! We have extended our three-month free trial offer until 31st January 2018 so if you’re not already using ORM, it’s the perfect time to trial it, without any commitment or financial obligation.

With the GDPR around the corner, it becomes more imperative than ever to have an effective, secure and proven system in place; one that supports best practice.

ORM has many benefits for taking centralised control of your physical records, across all your company’s departments. It gives you one single view of your archive content, even if you store at multiple locations.

As a secure web-based portal, it means you can use ORM ‘24/7’ from any location with internet access, and authorised users can view your archive content at both box and file level. You can place orders for collections and retrievals online, as well as order consumables too, and what’s more it’s really straightforward and intuitive to use. This is all very convenient as our many clients using ORM will agree.

Accountability is one of the key principles of the GDPR. Having a system such as ORM in place that provides an audit trail of all movement of your physical records in and out of storage, while also helping to manage retention periods through the ability to schedule review dates, is a positive step towards compliance with the GDPR, which comes into effect on 25th May 2018.

ORM’s efficient ‘search and retrieval’ functionality can really improve efficiencies too. Data entry is constrained through the use of dropdown menus through a series of mandatory fields, which paves the way for more consistent classification and gives less scope for error.

The GDPR places great emphasis on how long records with personal information are stored for, and of course how this data is physically stored and used. You need to have an inventory of all the records you hold with personal data and be able to prove that certain actions such as ‘document destruction’ have taken place.

ORM has all the tools for document lifecycle management and offers comprehensive reporting functionality too. You can see the full history of your box or file.

Please get in touch before 31st January 2018 to claim your free trial (more details of which can be found here). You can also download an e-brochure on ORM or request further information.

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