Turn the Dream of ‘Digital’ into Reality

The term ‘going digital’ is something we’re all familiar with. There are many advantages of digitising physical documents such as saving space, accessibility, security and of course, environmental through paper reduction. While the dream may be to go ‘paperless’, the term ‘paper-lite’ is more practical and achievable for many businesses.

At Box-it Central we offer a range of document scanning and data capture services to help gently integrate the digitisation process, making it altogether more manageable, and more affordable. All our scanning takes place in a secure environment, for authorised DBS checked personnel only.

Some clients have found that drawing the proverbial ‘line in the sand’ is the best approach – this is where they store physical archives up to a certain date and digitise everything after that date. Others gradually build-up their digitised archives through ‘Scan on Demand’ or via our ‘Scan from Archive’ service.

It’s worth remembering that, however large or small your document scanning needs are, we can help. So, if you choose to digitise your entire archive, our bulk back scanning service is available or if you just want the odd file scanning as a one-off request, we can do this too. And, with our service, you don’t have to worry about the task of removing staples or bindings; we can do that all for you!

We scan most sizes of documents, including large format drawings in either black and white, greyscale or colour; single or double-sided. We discuss with you how you would like your digitised documents indexed, and we run test pilots and quality checks to make sure everything is being scanned to your liking. The digitised files can be output in your chosen format, such as PDF, JPEG or TIFF.

If you are looking for a secure repository for storing your digital documents, then we can help with this too, thanks to Omnidox Document Manager. Imagine having all that information at your fingertips to help your business run smoothly. (You can read more about this handy system for storing, viewing and sharing digital documents here.)

When you are satisfied that you no longer need the paper originals, we can securely destroy these for you via our confidential document shredding service.

Our knowledgeable document scanning and data capture experts can give you all the support you need throughout your ‘digitisation’ journey, so please contact us to discuss your project.

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