Time to Introduce Box-it Central’s Archive Capsule

2017 marked Box-it Central’s 20th anniversary. As many clients and business associates will know, we organised a range of activities to commemorate this ‘magical milestone’ for our document management company.

We want the memories to linger on, as we now look forward to the next 20 years and with 2018 upon us, thought what better way to do this, than with a time capsule, or more accurately, an ‘archive capsule’.

Keeping to our ‘20 Year’ theme, the ‘archive capsule’ will be stored in one of our secure warehouses, and (you guessed it) retrieved in 20 years’ time.

Each month, we are inviting a member of our staff to tell us about an item that they would like to store in our ‘archive capsule’. We’ll then add each item (or a photo of the item if it’s too large!) to our archive box with a review date set for 2038!

What’s more, we’ll be sharing the progress with you on a monthly basis, featuring ‘5 Quick Questions’ with a member of staff about their ‘capsule keepsake’.

The first of our series starts with Casey Hall who works at Box-it Central as a Customer Service Administrator.

Name: Casey Hall
Job Title: Customer Service Administrator
Archive Capsule Item: A family photograph

Casey Hall and siblings

Why have you chosen this item?
“Well, it’s very personal to me. This is the last photo of me with my brother and sister before a significant change to the family. As you can see, my sister is heavily pregnant and the next time we all get together, there will be a new member of the family; something we are all very excited about. I think this is a beautiful thing to capture as it marks the start of new beginnings within our family and new life experiences.”

What do you think the reaction will be on discovering it in 20 years’ time?
“My personal reaction will be fairly emotional, as the baby that isn’t yet born, will be 20 years old, and I will be 41! I think it will be nice to see how we have all grown, and how our lives have changed.”

Do you have a message that you would like to add?
“A simple one, ‘Baby Teddy – 01/01/2018’.”

What would you like to happen to this item in 20 years’ time?
“I would love the printed photo to be returned to me so that I can show Baby Teddy and my sister.”

Make a prediction for how you think Box-it will function in 2038.
“I think the business will be quite different. Paper documents are becoming less and less popular due to new technologies advancing. I think the scanning services will increase massively, and Box-it will develop new ways to adapt digital storage.”

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