10 Fast Facts about Omnidox Document Manager

1. Omnidox Document Manager is a secure (https data encrypted) web based repository hosted in the UK. It is built on Box-it’s award-winning platform for storing, viewing and sharing digital documents. Think of it as an online archive of all your digitised documents stored in our secure Omnidox cloud.

2. It is a fully maintained system which means you don’t have to worry about investing in costly IT equipment and support, as Box-it carries out all routine maintenance and back-ups. That’s all part of the service!

3. Authorised users can view documents from any location with internet access, ideal if you work remotely or have multiple business premises. You can also restrict who has access to certain documents giving you tighter controls.

4. Omnidox Document Manager has many features to support compliance with the GDPR. If you’re not already making preparations for the GDPR, we urge you to do so now. It’s enforcement date is 25th May 2018 so the countdown has begun.

5. All user activity is tracked creating an audit trail for each document, ultimately until its timely deletion. Having ‘evidence of activity’ is a key part of the GDPR, if you are a data controller or data processor.

6. Search and retrieval of information is extremely efficient, especially when full OCR is applied. Think of all that time you could save, and how this could benefit your business efficiencies, enhancing customer service and general admin. Again, this efficiency and speed with which you can access a specific document supports the GDPR. Remember, an individual may want to see what information you hold on them, request it be moved, or instruct you to delete it.

7. Think of all that office filing space you could be saving by converting bulky paper records into more accessible digital assets. What a positive start to 2018!

8. With Omnidox Document Manager you can control who has authority to make revisions or deletions to documents. It has a handy ‘cannot overwrite’ feature to ensure no-one can accidentally (or maliciously) delete/change a document.

9. If you are concerned that Omnidox Document Manager is going to blow the company budget, then don’t be! It’s been specifically developed for smaller to medium sized businesses as an affordable, cost-effective digital storage solution.

10. Put off by all that scanning? Don’t worry, because Box-it Central can support you with a range of high quality, affordable document scanning services to help you achieve your paperless office. We scan in a very secure ‘restricted-access’ environment, and all our staff carry photo ID and are DBS checked.  We can also securely destroy your paper originals with our confidential shredding service.

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