Announcing NEW Omnidox Document Manager

We are pleased to bring you news about the launch of Omnidox Document Manager. If you are looking for a secure ‘web based’ system for digital storage, then this is the ideal platform allowing you to view, share and store electronic documents from any location with internet access.

Omnidox Document Manager

Developed by Box-it, using award-winning technology which is proven in the market, this newest addition to the Omnidox family has been specifically developed as an affordable solution for the SME sector. We understand that the trend for paperless offices is not always feasible or cost-effective, especially for smaller businesses, and this has been one of the key drivers behind the development and launch of Omnidox Document Manager.

Web based, and hosted in the UK on Box-it’s secure servers, it is an https data encrypted platform, which is routinely backed up and maintained by Box-it, meaning you don’t have to worry about any IT equipment costs.

Omnidox Document Manager has many handy features to make digital archiving and management more efficient, and more secure. Here are just a few key points:

• Straightforward to implement and user-friendly
• View, share, securely store documents 24/7, 365 days of the year
• Efficient search and retrieval functionality
• Password protected access
• Assign a variety of ‘authorised’ user permissions
• Control who has authority to make revisions or deletions to documents
• ‘Cannot overwrite’ feature to protect the original version
• Full audit tracking of user activity for greater control
• Supports paperless strategies and digital integration

What’s more, if you need assistance with your document scanning, our team at Box-it Central can support you all the way to make your digital journey a hassle-free experience. Documents are scanned as images in either PDF, Tiff or Jpeg formats and uploaded to Omnidox with the option of full OCR, a fully text searchable PDF.

Please get in touch to request a free, no-obligation demo of Omnidox Document Manager, or download our information sheet here: Boxit-Omnidox-Document-Manager-Data-Sheet

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