Scan-on-Demand supporting Hybrid Document Management

The word ‘hybrid’ crops up a lot in our work and domestic lives.  When used in the context of document management, it means combining both physical and digital services.  It is sometimes known as integrated document management.

Scan-on-Demand is a good example of hybrid implementation. This is when we store your physical archives and when you need to retrieve a document (or documents), we locate the physical record from storage, scan it, upload it to Omnidox (our secure web-based repository for storing digital documents) and return it to you electronically via a secure email link with password protection.  We can scan one, or multiple records, as required.   Having the contents of your archive boxes catalogued makes the process even more efficient.

There are environmental benefits to using Scan-on-Demand as it does not involve a diesel vehicle going out on the road for physical delivery, which is a reason why some of our clients opt for this method of retrieval. It supports their ‘green initiatives’.

All receipted archive boxes are barcoded and scanned into a dedicated storage location, so we know exactly where your boxes are being stored. We can also apply barcodes to files within the boxes, which adds another layer to the cataloguing and indexing process for retrieval.

When using Scan-on-Demand, retrieval is swifter than physical delivery – ideal if you need to view a document urgently.  From the time of request, we aim to have it delivered to you electronically within 4 hours.

While it is commonly used for ‘urgent retrievals’, it is also a service that some use to steadily convert hard copy records into digital documents, especially if documents need to be regularly retrieved. This shouldn’t be confused with ‘scan from archive’, a different service offered by Box-it Central which basically is a pre-agreed digitisation plan.

“Implementing a hybrid system for document management is an effective stepping stone if you are at the start of your digital journey,” explains Dan Ward, Sales Manager, Box-it Central. “Using physical storage and electronic retrieval ‘as needed’ bridges the gap if you are not ready to digitise your archives. It can also be more cost-effective if the majority of records held in storage are unlikely to be accessed. In effect, you are only paying for digitising the records you actually need to see.”

Scan-on-demand also introduces you to Omnidox, if you haven’t used it before. Omnidox gives you 24/7 access to your digital documents and has won multiple awards within the document storage industry.  It is hosted and backed up securely on UK based servers.  There are a number of Omnidox solutions to suit businesses of all sizes, as well as those geared specifically for departmental needs such as HR and Accounts Payable.

You may decide that once a physical record has been scanned, that it can be destroyed or choose to have it returned to its original archive box.  The choice is yours!


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