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Even though we live in a digital era, paper is still prevalent in many businesses for one reason or another. Paper documents are still generated by some organisations, while others have replaced paper with digital systems but continue to have large volumes of physical archives. We tell you more about our document scanning services in Warwickshire.

Information and the ability to access it efficiently is the lifeblood of all successful businesses. Stacks of archive boxes and over-filled filing cabinets not only take up space but make information much less-accessible. Converting physical documents to a digital format can have many efficiency benefits, from the obvious space saving advantages, to faster processes and improved customer service.

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Pre-digitisation considerations

For ‘paper-heavy’ organisations, the prospect of digitisation can be daunting for a variety of reasons. There are all sorts of considerations you should factor in for your digitisation project, such as scanning resources (equipment and personnel) and once digitised, how these documents are indexed, stored and managed in the future.

While outsourcing document scanning services may represent a cost, it is generally a more efficient process than trying to do this inhouse, especially if you need to purchase scanners (such as large format, or high-speed scanners) and train personnel.  Scanned documents are only useful if they are scanned to the desired quality, eg legible text, clarity of image, etc.

There are standards and codes of practice to follow for legally admissible electronic records (such as business records needed by HMRC for VAT inspections) which may be required as evidence. These broadly cover authenticity, storage/access procedures, and structured audit processes. Certain documents may need to be stored for a period of time in their physical form.  Something to bear in mind during the digital conversion process.

Once digitised there needs to be a cohesive system for indexing and storing digital documents, so they need consistent classification/meta data. By converting documents to digital images, OCR may also be required for search and retrieval.  Data security, who has authorisation to view documents and make changes, how long data is retained, who can authorise deletion and so on, are all important considerations.

For the reasons mentioned above, many companies choose to outsource document scanning and digitisation services as they consider it to be a more professional and cost-effective solution. That is why we, at Box-it Central, are experiencing an upsurge in demand for our scanning and data capture services.  It can be a simple one-off scanning job, to a bulk digitisation project.  We have the equipment and the experience to make light work out of scanning projects, not to mention our award-winning Omnidox system for managing electronic documents.

Versatile Warwickshire document scanning services

For a start, we can scan just about any size of paper document, from the smallest receipt to large format drawings and even microfiche/film.  We can also handle virtually any size of document scanning project, from smaller assignments to bulk back scanning, as well as scan on demand and scan from archive services.

At Box-it Central, we offer both single and double-side document scanning, in a choice of black and white, greyscale or colour in your specified resolution. We run pilots in the early stages to ensure everything is meeting your expectations.

Documents are scanned as images (normally PDF or TIFF) and can be output in a variety of formats to suit your requirements, such as saving to DVD, CD, or exported in FTP, SFTP, or uploaded to Omnidox, Box-it’s secure web based system for hosting and managing documents online.  We can also capture any data that you require for indexing and offer full OCR if required, the latter creating a text file which can be useful for search and retrieval.

Secure document scanning facility

All scanning projects are carried out in our secure document scanning facility in Warwickshire, accessed by security-cleared personnel only (DBS screened) equipped with the latest high performance document scanning and data capture technology, designed for speed, quality and clarity. You can rest-assured that your confidential documents are in safe hands at all times.

Need support with your document scanning project?

Our team of professionals are on hand to give you any advice you may need about our document scanning services in Warwickshire and if you would like further guidance about how to implement a digitisation strategy, then please get in touch with our experienced personnel.

We also offer document storage (if you would want to retain your physical archives as a precaution for a specified period of time) along with secure shredding services. Box-it Central is here to help you on your entire digital journey.


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