Records Management Tip

Create a referencing system that works for your business. Before sending your archives to Box-it Central, we recommend that you have a system in place to identify ‘what’s in the box’ in order to make retrieval simple. For example, simply creating a broad reference such as ‘finance’ might present problems further down the line. Being more specific (such as ‘finance 001-007’) will help box retrieval and document lifecycle management. Write this on the box and on your New Box Deposit Schedule – something you’ll receive from Box-it Central each time you add a new box.  If you’re going to be needing access to specific files within a box, don’t forget to reference these too. We then match your unique box reference with a unique barcode which results in easy retrieval of items – simple! If you need further advice please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

New Box Deposit Schedule

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