Declutter Obsolete Financial Records with our Shredding Service

The 6th of April marked the start of another tax year in the UK.  For some businesses that also meant the start of a new financial year making now, the perfect time to thoroughly declutter those documents that no longer need to be retained.

Confidential documents, such as financial records, need to be destroyed securely. Document shredding is the answer.  But, if like many, you don’t relish the idea of standing at the office shredder for hours and hours on end, then why not book a document shredding service from Box-it Central?

There are so many reasons why outsourcing document shredding is the preferred method for destruction by so many organisations. And it’s not just the larger businesses either.  For example, our document shredding service is used by many accountants. Some are from small to medium sized accountancy firms, while others are sole traders who simply want a cost-effective solution for securely, and compliantly destroying financial records.

Not one, but two types of shredding service from Box-it Central

One reason why our document destruction service works so well for so many different sized businesses is that we offer the option of onsite or offsite document shredding. Onsite shredding involves our smart mobile shredding lorry (pictured below) parking up at our clients’ facilities and destroying documents there and then.  It’s convenient, super-fast, and very secure, making it ideal for the destruction of highly confidential or sensitive information.  Our onsite document shredding service is available throughout Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, and other locations within the West Midlands.

Shredding Service


The other service is offsite document shredding.  This involves us collecting your full shredding sacks and returning them to our secure shredding facility here in Warwickshire, via our fully-tracked, Box-it liveried vehicles.  We then carry out the document shredding and provide Certificates of Destruction to confirm that records have been destroyed.   This is the option that some smaller companies prefer.  In fact, we have some accountants who bring their bags in person and drop them off for destruction, so if you prefer to do this, then there is always this option available.

Faster, more secure, more efficient way of destroying documents

There are other reasons why our document shredding service is so popular, not just for the destruction of financial information, but for a whole range of confidential records.  Our shredders are commercial shredders and this means that we not only shred very quickly (much faster than the office shredder) but we also shred very securely – in line with BS EN 15713:2009 for the Secure Destruction of Confidential Data and we recycle the shredded paper too, giving something back to the environment.


Scanning and hosting services

In addition, we offer a secure scanning service, so if you need any of your financial records digitising then we can assist with this too.



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