Take Control of your Archives with ORM 2.1

Not using Omnidox Records Manager?  You don’t know what you’re missing! Omnidox Records Manager (ORM 2.1) is Box-it’s secure web-based portal for managing your physical archives online. And we are delighted to say, that clients are loving the latest 2.1 version.

Developed by Box-it, ORM 2.1 was released earlier this year and has a host of new features to support physical archive management. It gives you greater control of your records as well as all tools you need for compliance in document lifecycle management. ORM is also user-friendly and very straightforward to set-up and activate, and it can be configured to suit your organisation’s needs.  Now we think we have teased you enough so let us tell you more …

The key benefit of ORM is that it provides you with centralised control of your archive content. You have all the tools at your fingertips to issue instructions (such as ordering collections, retrievals, consumables). You can track and monitor activity in and out of storage, and take full control of your archive with some rather handy reporting functionality. ORM allows you to see exactly who (and from which department) has made the request and set various levels of user permissions.

ORM 2.1

If you store at more than one location, then unlike other systems, ORM 2.1 provides a single view of all archive activity which is especially useful.  It provides you with an inventory of archive content – by box and by file.  To order boxes/files or consumables, you simply add items to your basket and checkout, and our team at Box-it Central will deliver them to you.  In the same way, you request collections too online, and can even submit requests to add files to existing boxes.  As a web based portal hosted on Box-it’s own secure servers, you can access ORM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location via the internet.

Document lifecycle management is a challenge for even the most organised of businesses. ORM certainly helps to make this easier as you can see the full history of an individual box or file.  You can set review dates and see which documents have been destroyed, or are due for destruction.  If you want more sophisticated high-level reporting, then the system can be enhanced further with MI Dashboards.

While having an abundance of features, it really is user-friendly which makes it very popular across all company departments. The latest version has been updated to include improved navigation, the ability to tag in groups (or ungroup) to highlight multiple records, as well as new ‘quick search’ features for single or multi-word searching. You can now see how many items have been ‘added to your basket’ within the navigation bar. You also have the ability to save multiple screen views to suit your personal preference.  Simple changes can make all the difference to the user experience!

If you haven’t yet seen ORM 2.1 in action, please get in touch with us to request a free, no-obligation demo and we’ll be delighted to tell you more about this clever system for physical archive management.


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