10 Things You Need to Know about our Document Scanning Service

  1. We offer the following types of scanning service:
  • Scan on demand
  • Scan from archive
  • Bulk scanning / back scanning
  • Regular ‘day forward/ real-time’ scanning
  1. We handle all sizes of scanning projects

From small digitisation projects to those involving thousands, possibly millions of sheets, we help clients with all their document scanning requirements from Box-it’s state-of-the-art scanning facilities.

  1. We assign a specialist team to your scanning project

As soon as you confirm that you would like to proceed with our document scanning service, we will allocate a specialist team to your project who will liaise with you throughout the duration of your scanning to ascertain a detailed brief, and ensure the work is being carried out in a timely manner and to the standards you require.

  1. We scan in colour, mono or greyscale in a resolution to suit your requirements

The account management team assigned to your scanning project will run through the options and ascertain your requirements in terms of scan resolution, and whether you require colour, mono or greyscale scanning.

  1. We can capture, extract and index data

The scanning centre at Box-it HQ has the latest scanning equipment and automated data capture technology. This is ideal for large volume scanning projects, where data needs to be automatically captured, extracted, validated and classified. It is a high security environment and all staff are DBS checked.  We are not just about bulk scanning. We also have a secure scanning facility here in Warwickshire ideal for smaller (SME) sized scanning projects, and we can index your data in the same way, as well as offer OCR data entry if required.

  1. We run pilots to test your scanning project

A key aim is for you to be entirely satisfied with the quality of your scanning. That is why we always run a pilot to test the quality, and ensure that all relevant data is being captured as you have specified.

  1. We can scan most paper sizes as well as microfiche/microfilm

Our scanning service can cope with most sizes of paper from a small till receipt to large scale drawings.  We can also scan microfiche and microfilm. We scan single and double-sided documents.

  1. We can output your scanned material in a variety of formats

Scans are normally in PDF or TIFF format.  They can either be saved to DVD or CD, or exported in your chosen format (eg. FTP, SFTP) or uploaded to Omnidox, Box-it’s secure Cloud based platform for electronic document management.

  1. We can securely host your digital files

Once we have scanned your documents we can upload the data to Omnidox, Box-it’s award winning system for electronic document management. It’s a secure Cloud based platform which means you have 24/7 access to your documents from any location.  It has lots of handy features for sharing documents as well as auditing, tracking and reporting, making the management of digital documents a breeze!

  1. We can securely store or destroy your paper originals

So, once your paper records have been digitised, you have the option of storing the hard copy originals either back at your own premises, in one of our document storage centres, or you can request their destruction. Box-it Central provides onsite and offsite document shredding services suitable for the safe destruction of confidential material.



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