Reduce Your Reliance on Paper Records, Go Digital

Ever felt that paper is taking over your office?  If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone!  Although paper is considered ‘dated’ in such a digital age, many organisations still rely (and use) paper.  For many, the aspiration is to reduce the reliance on paper rather than eradicate it altogether, and this can mean implementing more paper-free practices.  But, scanning reams and reams of documents takes time.  Once digitised, there needs to be a consistent process for indexing, adding meta-data as well as continuity in where (and how) documents are saved/hosted.

Digitisation services

This is where our digitisation services are proving very beneficial indeed, and we scan all types and sizes of documents, and output the scans in your chosen format.  Through Omnidox, we also have a range of highly secure, Cloud based products to assist you with your electronic document management needs.

Our document scanning services include:

  • Bulk back scanning
  • Scan from archive
  • Scan on demand
  • Forward scanning

If you have ad hoc scanning projects, we can also assist with these, irrespective of whether your material is a small till receipt or a large format drawing.

You can download Box-it’s digitisation and data capture brochure here, or speak to one of our scanning advisors to discuss your specific document scanning needs, who will be more than happy to assist.  We have also published some guidance in our website Resources, ‘Digitisation and Making it Work for Your Business’ giving some handy tips and advice if you are about to start on a scanning project.

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