Make sure your Document Shredding is Strictly Confidential

We have written many articles about the importance of secure document destruction.  It’s so easy to rip up paperwork and condemn it to the office bin, not least because the office shredder is either not within easy reach, or constantly full or even jammed. Oh yes, we’ve all been there!

There are some physical documents which are obviously confidential or sensitive because they contain personal information, and most of us will know that they need securely destroying whether that’s shredding in the office, or using outsourced document shredding services, such as those provided by Box-it Central. ID theft and fraud in general continues to rise so none of us can be complacent when it comes to the disposal of documents with personal details; that’s any document with someone’s name and address, date of birth for example.

Then there are all the other types of paper records that may not be quite so obvious. Minutes of meetings, printed out emails or internal communications, obsolete quotations and invoices – the list goes on. On the face of it, these types of company records may not seem to be that sensitive.  However, ask yourself how you would feel if your competitors could read this information, or if it fell into the hands of an ex-employee with a grudge, or if something ‘negative’ was publicised in the media?  Yes, document shredding is about reducing and eliminating risks.

Unsurprising, more and more companies are choosing to adopt a ‘shred all’ policy to remove any doubt, which is an ethos we fully support here at Box-it Central.  It is a ‘belt and braces’ approach to document destruction but also reduces the risk of paperwork being carelessly binned that may contain personal or confidential details. Breach of the Data Protection Act is very serious indeed and while posing security risks to individuals, it can also be very damaging to a company’s reputation.

Whether you choose onsite (mobile) shredding or offsite shredding, our document destruction services give you the peace of mind that your obsolete paperwork is being destroyed in a secure and confidential manner in a process that is fully tracked and recorded. Shredding services are flexible too, allowing you to book the service on a regular scheduled basis or ad hoc, as you need it.  The speed of our commercial shredders also makes light work out of bulk shredding projects, and is much quicker than the office shredder. This means that your staff can be doing something far more productive with their time, rather than feeding sheet after sheet into the office shredding machine!

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