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Sometimes the office paper shredder simply can’t cope.  Anyone who has spent hours shredding paper will know why.  Where larger quantities are involved, it can be time-consuming, and prone to all sorts of irritation as bins become full and the shredder gets jammed.  And then, with certain confidential documents, security is important too.  When obsolete paperwork becomes a headache, it’s useful to know that help is at hand from Box-it Central, your local commercial shredding company.  We provide onsite and offsite document shredding services throughout Warwickshire, Leicestershire and parts of Oxfordshire and the West Midlands.

If you have never outsourced your document shredding before, then it’s important to be clear about the type of services available.  You can book shredding as a regular service, or just use it as and when required, and we handle all sizes of shredding projects.

We offer two different shredding services:

Onsite document shredding is when our mobile shredding lorry comes to your own company premises to destroy your documents there and then, in front of your very eyes.  It is highly secure and being a commercial shredder, it is also super-fast, making light work out of bulk shredding. It is ideal for the secure destruction of confidential paperwork.

Box-it Central Mobile Shredding

Offsite document shredding is when we collect your full sacks of obsolete paperwork and return them to our own secure shredding facility in the heart of Warwickshire, nestled between Leamington Spa and Warwick.  Sacks have secure fasteners and are barcoded, which allow us to track their movement.  We transfer them in our own vehicles all fitted with GPS trackers.

On completion of the shredding, we issue you with Certificates of Destruction which provide you with a record that your documents have been destroyed in secure conditions.  This again, is some valuable evidence that certain documents have been destroyed and not something you would necessarily generate if shredding using the office shredder!

The extras that make all the difference:

We can supply all the consumables you need from shredding sacks to secure lockable consoles and you can order these directly from our office.

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Get in touch with us and we will very swiftly give you a quote for your shredding job.  And then, all you need to do is choose the type of service you want, and get a slot booked in for your shredding.  With Box-it Central, it is a simple as that!



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