Have you Discovered our Handy Resources for Records Management?

If you’ve not visited our online Resources Centre recently, then it’s worth checking it out. It is packed with lots of handy articles and guides to help you manage your company documents, whether paper or digital.  From quick tips and infographics, to detailed features on specific challenges to the records management industry, our Resources Centre is crammed with all sorts of useful advice and add articles to it on a regular basis.

Cataloguing and indexing – how to get started

For example, if you are about to start on a cataloguing assignment or are thinking of using cataloguing services provided by Box-it Central, then the ‘Cataloguing for Compliance’ article and ’10 Steps to Cataloguing your Archives infographic are both useful references.  Our illustrated feature about the ‘Importance of Indexing’ also makes interesting reading.  Find out what Luke Skywalker and Twinky Winky have to do with it!

The 3 R’s – records, retention, resources

We regularly get asked for advice about records retention, and of course clients will know that we hold seminars on this subject.  Our Resources Centre includes some great advice such as ‘5 Things you Need to Know when Developing a Records Retention Policy’.  You can also request further guidance on developing a Records Retention Schedule from Box-it Central.

Digitising paper records – some important considerations

If you are thinking about digitising your paper records, then the article entitled ‘To Back Scan or Not to Back Scan, that is Question’ provides some ‘food for thought’.  It covers some important considerations when back scanning archives.  It also summarises the types of scanning service provided by Box-it Central, such as bulk scanning, archive scanning and scan on demand. And then once you’ve converted your paper records to digital documents, then you need a system to manage them.  We tell you more about our Omnidox Cloud-based solutions to help you do this.

Archiving your records – how offsite document storage can help

We take it for granted that everyone knows about document storage services (we should, it’s our business!). But for those who haven’t used such a service before, the benefits are not always obvious.  Outsourced document storage is not just about freeing up valuable space (although it is a key reason for many).  With barcode track and trace systems, using our services makes retrieval an efficient process so no more wasted hours scouring the office for that elusive archive box.  There are many more benefits too, so why not spend a few minutes reading how Off-site Document Storage Can Benefit Your Business and Your Brain!’

Document shredding – the need to know

Now document shredding seems a relatively straightforward task and indeed it is.  But there are a few things you need to know if you are using a confidential document shredding service for the first time. We cover those all-important security questions you need to ask if you are considering a confidential document destruction service. Check out ‘Not a Shred of Evidence for further guidance.

The above examples are just a taster of what can be found in our Resources Centre but of course, if you have a very specific query, our team at Box-it Central are always on hand to help.  Contact us here.


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