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Our clients and regular website visitors will have noticed that we have a number of new downloadable brochures giving details about all the services we offer at Box-it Central. One in particular we would like to flag up is Omnidox Records Manager, or ORM as we call it.

ORM is our Cloud based system utilising award winning Omnidox technology for managing your physical archive content online. What’s more, it provides one view of all your physical archive activity, whether storing at one, or multiple Box-it sites. Using a secure login, you can view, monitor and control your archive inventory from any location with internet access.

Orders for collections and deliveries can be conveniently requested online for boxes and files (rather like any other e-commerce site – you add your ‘order’ to a basket and checkout). You can also order consumables, such as archive box supplies, and you can add new boxes for storage, or add files to existing boxes already held in storage. If changes are made, you can see who made them, and users can be given different permissions depending on authority. Search and retrieval is straightforward, and fields can be filtered to refine search criteria. Another benefit of ORM, is that it forces consistent input of information for accuracy.

ORM allows review dates to be set and generates reminders to support compliance with retention regulations. ORM provides archive information right up to ultimately document destruction, providing you with an inventory of which boxes/files have been destroyed.

This is just an overview of what ORM offers. It’s got lots of great features and is very user-friendly. To read about it in more detail, please download our  Box-it ORM brochure.

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