Box-it Central, the Bard and Back Scanning

What do Box-it Central, the Bard and back scanning have in common, or are we talking ‘Much Ado about Nothing’? Stay with us because it gets better (and there is a connection), more geographical than literary prowess we admit!

2016 marks 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare, and there are many events to celebrate the great Bard’s legacy in and around Warwickshire this month on his official birthday, 23rd April.

As Box-it Central is just a few miles away from Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon, we thought it only fair to ‘share the love’ for one of Britain’s most celebrated poets and playwrights.

So, we’ve got well and truly in the Shakespearean mood by publishing our article ‘To Back Scan or not to Back Scan, that is the Question’ – it’s a worthwhile read and may help prevent your digitisation goals from becoming a classic tragedy.  (We’re definitely more Romeo and Juliet, than Macbeth at Box-it Central!)

If you are having a Midsummer Night’s Dream about getting your documents digitised, then please get in touch with Box-it Central in the heart of ‘Shakespeareland’ to find out about our document storage, scanning and Omnidox hosting solutions for electronic document management.  After all, modern day William Shakespeare in 2016, may have said:

“Not that I loved Paper less, but that I loved Digital more.” – (Julius Caesar Act III, Scene II)

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