Outsourcing Document Storage Shouldn’t Be a Leap of Faith

We know for some who are unfamiliar with, or have never used outsourced document storage in the past, that the very thought of storing important records offsite can seem to be a risky proposition. To make such a move would require a huge leap of faith.

Common concerns about offsite document storage include lack of control, inaccessibility, traceability, security and potential loss of records.  And then of course, there is the expense of using such a service.  At Box-it Central, as a leading document storage provider in Warwickshire, we can allay all these fears, and can in some cases even help your business to be more profitable. Yes, more profitable, we really mean it!  Let us tell you why.

For a start, at Box-it Central, it’s not just about document storage in warehouses.  We are a professional document management business nestled between Leamington Spa and Warwick, and within easy reach of Stratford-upon-Avon, Banbury and Kenilworth.  We can support you with a service to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your physical records.  We can also help you integrate paper records with digital document management on the back of Box-it’s award-winning systems.  We don’t take risks, we implement highly-secure systems and processes to facilitate and safeguard your documents.

When you store with Box-it Central, your documents are boxed, barcoded, security strapped and scanned into a designated storage area allowing us to pinpoint their exact whereabouts.  Every time a box or file is moved, it is scanned and the movement is tracked and recorded for audit purposes. This makes retrieval very efficient. (Now does that happen if you are archiving in-house? Possibly not! Think how much time this could save searching for those elusive records, and think how that time could be used more productively within your organisation.)

Our document storage centres are located on the outskirts of Bishops Tachbrook, Warwickshire and are humidity controlled, and protected with around the clock fire/intruder security on a site with barrier-control access and 24hr CCTV surveillance.  Should you need to retrieve a box or file, we have a fleet of GPS tracked vehicles driven by our own DBS screened, uniformed drivers with photo ID, offering a collections and delivery service throughout Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands.  We offer standard and express deliveries, as well as a scan on demand service sent via secure website link, which is handy if a document is needed in an emergency.

You can also manage your physical archives with Omnidox Records Manager (ORM), a Cloud based system developed by our IT and records management specialists at Box-it HQ.  This means you can search, order, track and control all your paper archive content online from any location, at any time of the day.  It’s user friendly and very quick to set-up, and has useful tools to support compliant document lifecycle management with some really powerful reporting functionality.  Our team at Box-it Central can provide you with a free ORM demo and set you up in no time at all.

When your documents reach the end of their lifecycle, we also provide confidential destruction through onsite and offsite shredding services.  Certificates of Destruction are issued at the end of the process.

So, when we say we could help your business be more profitable, here’s how:

Efficiencies:  More efficient records management can help improve administration, and in particular customer service, the backbone to business success.

Labour Saving: Reduce time spent looking for records, through swift retrieval systems, helping you to use your labour time more productively and efficiently.

Space:  Office space can be used more productively too.  Or, if renting, perhaps downsize costly office space by storing bulky records offsite. Do you really want to pay prime office rates for housing filing cabinets or shelving?

Security:  Have peace of mind that your documents are residing in a secure environment, with safeguards against loss, damage, theft and unauthorised ‘prying eyes’.

Compliance:  Reduce the risk of breaching statutory legislation by adopting records management systems that help you stay compliant with laws such as the Data Protection Act.  This spans who has access to records, where they are stored and how long they are retained.  Audit trails generated by document storage companies are a legal record of activity, right through to Certificates of Destruction to prove records have been securely destroyed.

We offer much more than just a ‘safe warehouse’ for your documents.  Please get in touch with Box-it Central to find out more about document storage services in Warwickshire and how they could benefit your Midlands based business.


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