LOVE TO GO DIGITAL? Document Scanning Services in Warwickshire

It’s over 12 months ago since we conducted our last document management survey.  In that survey, while 100% of all respondents said that paper records were still important to them, approximately one third of all those who answered, also expressed a desire to go paperless.

While ‘desire’ is one thing; putting this into practice and implementing appropriate document management systems can be an altogether more daunting prospect.  It’s a change that requires winning the hearts and minds of departmental teams, and needs sound project management to ensure the transition runs smoothly.  Scanning (in-house) can be time-consuming.  And for digitisation to be truly efficient, there is also the need for accurate, consistent indexing.  That is why many companies choose to outsource their document scanning requirements.

At Box-it Central we are helping many clients fulfil their digital dreams, delivered through competitively priced, fast turnaround document scanning services in Warwickshire, as well as general data capture and indexing solutions.

We scan documents of all sizes, and unlike many other scanning services, there aren’t any costly set-up fees.  Budgeting is made easier, as our document scanning services are charged on a ‘per page’ basis.  While we can scan all sizes of paper, from small receipts to large format drawings, we also have the capability to take on all sizes of digitisation projects, from small scanning jobs to bulk-scanning contracts.  We can very often facilitate urgent document scanning requests, so if you are in the Leamington/Warwick area and need scanning services in a hurry, we’re definitely the local people to call.

Document scanning is carried out in a highly secure environment, by DBS screened personnel who act with discretion, and are employed by Box-it Central.  This makes our document scanning services in Warwickshire suitable for confidential or sensitive information.  Once you have your paper documents converted into digital images, you then need a system for managing, storing and sharing them.

Box-it’s Omnidox solution for electronic document management is the ideal Cloud based platform to securely store, manage, share and access your digital records, from any location, 365 days of the year. Storing your documents in the Omnidox Cloud has many advantages over other Cloud based storage systems, in terms of functionality and security.  Significantly Omnidox is hosted on UK based servers which means that your information resides securely in the UK.  Omnidox is a robust system that has the same encryption standards as that used by the online banking industry.

Of course, if you can’t stand to part with your paper originals, you can always archive these in Box-it Central’s secure document storage facilities, and should you need to retrieve information, we can deliver the hard copies back to your office. We provide a variety of integrated services to support physical and digital records management.  Please call our office at Box-it Central to find out more about our hybrid document management services, and how we help businesses throughout Warwickshire.

Using our archive storage services provides an excellent ‘belt and braces’ approach during the digitisation transition process, and when documents reach a point where they can (or need) to be destroyed, this can be done using our secure shredding services, after which you are issued with the relevant Certificates of Destruction.

For further information on our document scanning services in Warwickshire, please call 0845 468 0135 or email:

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