Omnidox Records Manager Ticks a lot of Boxes

Omnidox Records Manager

Omnidox Records Manager 

Omnidox Records Manager (ORM) is Box-it’s secure web based portal for managing your paper archive content online.  It’s a cliché we know, but when we say ORM ticks a lot of boxes, we really mean it!

For a start, it is a secure platform hosted in the UK and built on award-winning Omnidox technology. Omnidox Records Manager is also very user-friendly and easy to implement, which is another big tick in its favour.   Data can be formatted from your existing spreadsheets and imported to ORM, in a matter of minutes.

However, while being straightforward to use, Omnidox Records Manager is capable of doing great things when it comes to managing your physical archive inventory, even if you store at more than one location. (If you need to, you can control/view archives that are stored at different sites with ONE login and ONE secure portal .. think of the convenience that brings alone!)

With Omnidox Records Manager, you can place orders for box and file retrievals online, as well as request collections for transit back into storage.  You can also order supplies, such as archive boxes and barcodes.  Like any other online shopping experience, you simply add the required items to your basket and click ‘place your order’.  ORM really is as straightforward as that.

The ORM screen displays an inventory of your box and file content, all of which is barcoded for accurate tracking.  It is a system which allows you to monitor all movement, in and out of storage, while also flagging up any changes that may have been made, and exactly who made those changes.  Individual files can be easily added to existing boxes held in storage.  Omnidox Records Manager has exceptional search and retrieval attributes with the ability to filter searches to help find exactly what you are looking for, with relative ease and speed.

A key benefit of ORM is that it forces consistent classification and accuracy. (Inconsistent data entry is every Records Manager’s nightmare!)  Data entry is constrained through drop down menus, which can be customised to suit your own business needs.  Errors are flagged up if, for example, insufficient digits have been entered for barcodes relating to boxes or files.

With Omnidox Records Manager you can see the entire history of a box or file, in a system that provides a comprehensive set of tools for document lifecycle management, including the ability to set automated review dates to help you stay compliant with retention rules and legislation.

To find out more, or to request a free demo of ORM, please call 0845 468 0135.  Box-it Central provides complete solutions for records management for all your physical, digital and hybrid needs.

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