How Shredding can help you Shed that Excess Paper Weight

We still live in a world where paper documents are very prevalent.  If you haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution but want a positive start to 2016, then January is the perfect time for an office declutter.  Yes, there’s no time like the present to sort out all those paper business documents and archives, and get to grips some some shredding.


When documents come to the end of their lifespan, they do need to safely destroyed (that means shredding) especially if they contain personal information, or confidential details relating to yours, or somebody else’s business.  There are also statutory laws in place governing how long specific information is archived, in terms of minimum and maximum periods so it’s imperative to make sure your business is compliant.  This extends to the way documents are destroyed and that is why sensitive paper documents need to be securely shredded.


We understand that shredding takes time and resources, and time costs money.  That’s why outsourcing to a professional document shredding business, such as Box-it Central makes sound commercial sense for many organisations.  We can securely shred your documents onsite or offsite, as regularly as you require, or as ‘one-offs’ for those all-important bulk shredding purges.

Business experts claim that a tidy desk paves the way for a tidy mind, and helps you to be organised and feel in control.  So shred to shed that excess paper weight and take full control of your documents in 2016.

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