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Just like its paper counterparts, digital documents should be organised and filed systematically for optimum efficiencies in electronic document management. The problem is, organising, controlling and managing digital documents has its fair share of challenges within many businesses, however large or small. There is a huge choice of electronic document management software available. And of course, with the advent of the Cloud, software as a service (SaaS) solutions for electronic document management have become the preferred platform for many.

It is also important to understand the difference between document storing and sharing platforms, (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive) and purpose-developed Cloud based document management systems for business such as Omnidox from Box-it.

Part of the popularity of Dropbox and Google Drive is down to the fact that they are, at base level, free services for document storage and sharing, although they do offer ‘paid for’ enhanced options for business.  If you are looking to adopt a Cloud based document management system then it is vital that you do your research to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems available. Data security should always be a prime concern.

The country in which your data is hosted is an important issue, because different data laws can apply.  This is especially important if your data is stored outside of the EU.  It is an issue that has certainly garnered a lot of attention in recent years from the ICO so it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest developments so as not to breach the Data Protection Act.  Significantly, Omnidox offers that extra reassurance that your information is stored in secure data centres based in the UK.  Box-it adheres to the highest industry standards for security at every level of the Omnidox experience, which means you can access and manage your content with confidence.  Our servers reside behind sophisticated firewalls and undergo external penetration tests with ongoing threat assessments.


Omnidox, Box-it’s secure Cloud –based repository

Box-it’s Omnidox electronic repository has won multiple storage industry awards and is a highly secure, affordable platform used by a wide range of organisations in the private and public sector. As a Cloud based service from Box-it, it is a fully maintained application. This means it is free from maintenance and support charges.  It is also complemented with a range of document management services provided by Box-it, such as scanning, data capture, archive storage and confidential destruction.  Having the option of integrated document management services can be advantageous to many organisations.


A quick snapshot of Omnidox

Rather like an electronic filing cabinet, it allows you to organise and view files within a familiar folder structure, with extensive functionality for instant search and retrieval for greater efficiencies.  You can use Omnidox securely from any location with internet access, 24/7, 365 days of the year.  Online workspaces can be created, making sharing documents with authorised users much easier, as well as assigning tasks such as approval, reviews or updates.  Omnidox also provides the tools for document retention management, and has powerful reporting functionality, including full user audit tracking.  Work-queue and alerting functions support workflow processes.  User rights, roles and permissions can be configured locally. Documents can be uploaded to Omnidox directly from the desktop, tablet or mobile, making it very user-friendly indeed.

Choose the Omnidox solution that suits your business needs

Within the Omnidox family, is a range of products for digital, physical and integrated document management.  There are also specific solutions for HR, Accounts Payable/Invoice Processing and Digital Mailroom.

MI Dashboards from Box-it

To find out about the Omnidox solution that suits you best, please get in touch with our Sales Team at Box-it Central.

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