How to choose your Document Shredding Company

In the backdrop of an ever-increasing risk of identity theft/fraud and other associated criminal activities, the need to securely destroy obsolete documentation is greater than ever before, both in our business and in our private lives.

The problem is the office shredder very often has to work overtime to cope with large volumes of document destruction, which can take up valuable time and resources. Then, there are the legal (Data Protection Act) issues surrounding document destruction in particular the audit trail and Certificates of Destruction to confirm that a paper record has been destroyed, the method in which it has been destroyed and the date on which this took place.  That is why many organisations choose to outsource their confidential destruction to professional document shredding companies, such as Box-it Central.

However, the world of document shredding is a competitive industry just like many other sectors. That can make choosing the right document shredding partner a more difficult proposition. If you are considering using the services of a document shredding company, then here is some useful advice to help you get it right.

Ask about the document shredding services

Find out if the shredding company provides both onsite and offsite document shredding services.  Onsite (mobile shredding) is useful for highly confidential document destruction, as paper records can be destroyed from your premises.  If a company only (or also) provides offsite shredding, find out about its shredding facilities and make sure it has adequate site security and CCTV surveillance. Only authorised staff should be granted access to a shredding facility. If you have any doubts, request a visit to the shredding company in question.

Ask about BS EN 15713:2009

This is the British Security Industry Association’s (BSIA) standard for shredding. Document shredding companies that comply with this, such as Box-it Central, are demonstrating excellent security standards.

Ask about staffing

Only use a document shredding company that employs its own DBS security screened staff.  Avoid any shredding business that uses agency staff.  Staff should always be uniformed and carry photo ID.

Ask about the procedure

Make sure your document shredding partner has a process in place that has robust tracking and security.  The company undertaking your shredding should use a barcode system (if taking the documents offsite for shredding) which tracks the movement and status of your shredding sacks. This also provides that all-essential audit trail.  Reputable shredding companies will only destroy documents upon written instruction from authorised personnel.  Shredding should take place promptly.  Certificates of Destruction should be issued at the end of the process as a legal record that proves that specific documents have been destroyed.

Ask about secure consoles

If you require a regular document shredding service, then ask about the provision of secure lockable consoles for your office, as well as wheelie bins and shredding sacks, the latter should always have barcoded security fasteners. Many document management companies will provide these as part of your shredding service.

Ask about collection vehicles

Reputable document destruction companies will use their own liveried vehicles, and never employ the services of couriers or agency drivers.  The vehicles should be fitted with GPS tracking systems.

Ask about the types of paper material that can be shredded

Most companies will shred all sorts of paper material, including cardboard.  Some will accept documents in manila type folders, as well as those that have plastic spine bindings and stapled items. This can save so much time than having to do this yourself.

Ask what about recycling

Many companies recycle their document shredding. The shredding is very often baled and later recycled into new paper based products, such as tissue paper.

Ask Box-it Central

If you need document shredding services in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, and the West Midlands, then ‘ask Box-it Central’ for further details.  We provide on onsite document destruction, as well as offsite shredding and recycling services on either a regular scheduled, or ad hoc basis.  Call 0845 4680135 or email us using the link here, and one of our document shredding consultants will be touch.

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