Affordable Document Scanning in Warwickshire

Box-it Central is the document management partner to call for all your scanning projects, however large or small, even with relatively short lead times.  We provide a range of competitively priced professional document scanning services to businesses in Coventry, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and parts of the West Midlands.  Significantly, there are no upfront set-up costs and scanning is charged by the page – making document scanning an affordable proposition for many businesses.

The scope and sophistication of our scanning equipment enables us to handle all sizes of paper document, from the smallest till receipt to large format drawings. Fast turnaround is another feature of our document scanning service.  We have the ability to accommodate urgent scanning requests, which means if you need a box of documents scanning in a hurry, we can usually fulfil this, without compromising on quality and accuracy.

When we take on a new scanning project, we normally conduct a pilot scan exercise. This provides you with a sample of the scanning and indexing to ensure it meets your standards and criteria.  This exercise also enables us to provide you with an estimate of the costs.

All documents are scanned in black and white to the industry standard 200 dpi. This can be increased for more detailed work.  Similarly, we can also scan in greyscale and full colour if required.  Scanning converts your paper document to a digital image, and these images are output as either a multipage PDF or tiff file.

Indexing is integral to our scanning service, and depending on the complexity of the task, this can either be included in the page scan rate, or charged as an optional extra.  Indexing is carried out in line with your requirements, which we establish with you from the outset.

Quality of course is the linchpin to effective scanning. We implement a rigorous quality checking process – images are checked for quality as documents are scanned. If the team is unhappy with an image, the scanner setting is adjusted and the document is rescanned.

Once the scanning has been completed, the original paper documents are securely stored at Box-it Central to allow time for you to check your scanned images.  We can then either return the originals to you, continue to store them in our protected archiving facilities, or by your instruction, securely destroy them via our confidential shredding service.

Digitising your documents provides many benefits in terms of accessing and sharing information.  Digitised documents can be output in a variety of ways, or even hosted in Box-it’s secure cloud-based repository, Omnidox – providing secure access 24/7 from any location with internet access.

All our scanning services are carried out in a highly secure environment by our own DBS screened Box-it Central personnel making it suitable for confidential scanning projects.

To find out more about document scanning services provided by Box-it Central, please 0845 4680135 or email

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