5 Reasons to Free Up Office Space With Offsite Storage Services

Businesses produce a large amount of documents and data throughout their day-to-day running processes, from invoices and ordering forms to receipts and other forms of documentation. A record can be defined by anything that records a business activity or transaction including emails, faxes and paper documents.

Storing records produced by your company, whether physical or digital can consume large amounts of space, both office floor space and digital space on a hard drive or server. Therefore it is often proven most cost effective and conducive to store these documents with an offsite storage provider.

Some of the best reasons to storage your business documents and records offsite include;

  • Freeing up valuable office space. Office space can often be limited and therefore it is essential to keep as much of it free for business purposes as possible. Space that may be otherwise clogged with document storage could instead be used to provide workspaces for employees or as a place to store business products.
  • To fulfil health and safety obligations. In an office where a large amount of documents are stored in boxes or other similar containers, it is the obligation of the business to ensure that the containers are safely and correctly stored so as not to cause any health or safety issues. For some businesses it is easier to eliminate the risk of a health and safety incident by storing documents offsite.
  • To fulfil compliance obligations. Where a company deals with sensitive data it must abide by the procedures and rules put in place to protect this data, namely the General Data Protection Regulation. This means ensuring that records holding this information can only be accessed by approved personnel and taking the correct measures to make sure this information is not accessed by anyone else. If a business stores its records with an offsite provider the risk of falling foul of the data protection procedures is considerably lessened because of the security measures enforced by the storage provider.
  • For security. Storage records and documents onsite leaves them prone to damage and destruction. For example, if there was an incident such as a fire or other emergency onsite at your business premises then your company records could be potentially destroyed. Storing these records offsite means that they will be safe in the event of a disaster, as
  • For convenience. If you have a substantial amount of records that need to be stored for your business it can be time consuming to have to sort through the collection of records each time you need to access a particular document. Offsite document storage providers will organise your documents for you and usually operate a retrieval system, making it much easier to access your records.
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