Balancing the Costs of Outsourcing Your Document Management

Some businesses lean away from the idea of outsourcing their document management needs to a third party provider because of the costs involved. However, outsourcing these needs could actually save your business valuable time and money.

Often, particularly in smaller businesses, when documents and records are being managed in-house it is a secondary consideration with little to no resources dedicated to accurately carrying out the necessary requirements. Therefore document management is entrusted to employees who have other roles and jobs to prioritise meaning that document management is done half-heartedly or sometimes not at all.

When you entrust your document management to a third party provider they will essentially operate as a dedicated department of your business, available at all times to deal with any requests and resolve any issues.

When managed within the business, document management can also be left open to security errors and failures. For example, not all employees will know how to correctly file and store confidential data, creating the potential for this data to fall into the wrong hands and ultimately causing problems for your business.

However, when outsourced, each employee of the document management provider is trained in data protection and security procedures for document management. This means that the chance of breaching these security measures is considerably lessened. In addition for compliance reasons document management professionals will issue you with various certificates (e.g. A certificate of destruction once a record has reached the end of its life cycle and its securely destroyed) and other paperwork. This paperwork can then be kept by your business as proof of compliance and as a way to keep a track record of the life cycle of every important and data sensitive document.

Outsourcing your document management also makes it easier when it comes to document destruction. A good document management provider will also offer secure destruction as part of its management services. Securely destroying documents that hold sensitive data is required by law and as part of their compliance obligations businesses must show that this is being done.

Your document management provider will have a system in place where each document is given an appropriate lifecycle and when the document approaches the end of this cycle you will be informed. If the document is no longer needed then the provider should securely and safely dispose of the document for you and issue the business with a certificate of destruction that can be kept to prove compliance with legal requirements.

Outsourcing your document management needs to a third party will help your business to conserve the valuable time of its employees, guarantee compliance with legal obligations regarding data protection and document destruction, and also improve accuracy and reliability.

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