Outsourcing Document Management: a Revelation not a Revolution

Today, many organisations choose to outsource a range of services to a third party provider.  Generally, the catalyst for this is reducing costs, increasing operational efficiencies and contracting the services of providers who have specialist knowledge in their field of business.  These benefits combined, can give a business that all-important competitive edge.

Outsourcing document management services is no different, and very often comes under the ‘FM banner’.  Many businesses realise that there are practical, financial and security benefits to be gained by using the services of professional document management companies, such as those we provide here at Box-it Central.  Those that have made the move to outsourced document management very rarely bring the function back in-house, because as any archivist or records manager will know, there is more to the job than meets the eye!  That’s why the support and infrastructure provided by document management companies, who are experts in their field, can be a great asset to enterprises of all sizes, especially when it comes to maintaining compliance.

Recessions and general slumps in the economy have had an impact on document management over the years. Many companies have implemented measures to reduce overheads.  That includes cutting back on staff, streamlining business processes and merging departments.  In some cases, this has allowed them to downsize their rented office space.  After all, prime office space used for housing archives is not always deemed cost-effective and more often than not, can be used more productively.

This is a reason why more and more companies use outsourced document storage because for many, it is the most cost-effective option.  It’s not just space either.  Data security is a real concern for all organisations.  Very few office complexes have the security measures that purpose-built document storage centres have in place.  Site barrier access, 24/7 CCTV, smoke/intruder alarms in a humidity-controlled environment to help prevent the deterioration of physical records should be standard practice for professional document management companies.  Box-it Central’s document storage facility near Leamington Spa and Warwick, of course has all these attributes to safeguard your physical records.

Document Storage at Box-it Central

That’s not all.  Even if you have space in your offices to facilitate your physical archives, have you asked yourself recently how effective your ‘search and retrieval’ is?  Paperwork is notorious for being misfiled, going astray and getting damaged. Keeping tabs on its whereabouts, and controlling it is a headache for any organisation, large or small.

Document storage companies should use a barcode ‘track and trace’ system which means they know exactly where your boxes and files are located.  Of course, you can go one step further and use professional cataloguing services, enabling you to have accurate information about what is in each archive box, and each file.  Think of all that time you could save!  And if you use a Cloud based management system, such as Omnidox Records Manager (ORM), available from Box-it Central, it means you can take full control of your physical archives at the click of a button, or a swipe of a screen, including ordering box/file collections and retrievals.  You can see whether your box/file is in or out of storage, track its movements, apply review dates and request destruction. This makes document lifecycle management a much easier process providing all the tools for compliance.

While, for those who have never used outsourced document management before may fear they are losing control and incurring unnecessary costs, the reality is quite the opposite.  Using document management services provided by Box-it Central could actually give you greater control of your records, while saving your business money through increased efficiency.

That’s why outsourcing document management really is a revelation, not a revolution!  If you would like a free consultation with any of our records management specialists at Box-it Central, or are interested in a free Omnidox Records Manager trial, then please get in touch.

Box-it Central provides document storage, cataloguing services, scanning and confidential shredding as well as a range of solutions for digital document management through award winning Omnidox technology.  We provide records management services to clients in Coventry and Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Leicestershire.


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