Box-it Central helping you to manage your Financial Records

Box-it Central helping you to manage your Financial Records

If you haven’t already done your archive spring cleaning in April, as May dawns, now is the perfect time to take stock of that unruly documentation that is probably forcing filing cabinets to breaking point!  In the world of document management, we get to hear of all sorts of filing nightmares, including some larger organisations that were actually forced to reinforce their floors to cope with the weight of their filing cabinets.


Now that is an extreme, we agree, but there are compromises and effective solutions for coping with physical archives, and ultimately their destruction.  Box-it Central can come to the rescue by providing secure document storage for those physical records that need to be retained, and confidential destruction services (either onsite or offsite shredding) which is ideal for those historical financial records that have come to the end of their lifecycle and can now be destroyed.  (Remember, statutory retention rules apply to financial records so before you make any decisions, make sure you are legally compliant.)

If you haven’t used out-sourced archive storage before, then you will be pleasantly surprised how efficient, secure and hassle-free the experience is, when storing your financial documents with Box-it Central.  Boxes are barcoded and full tracked for efficient retrieval, recording movement in and out of storage.  We can deliver your archive boxes and files back to your office if you need them in our tracked Box-it Central liveried vehicles, or for those urgent retrievals, there is always the option of Scan on Demand where we send you a secure link to access the required document.

Document Storage at Box-it Central

Our document storage facilities are first class in every respect, and humidity controlled to protect the lifespan of your documents.  Monitored by CCTV surveillance and protected by intruder/smoke alarms, our storage facilities are very secure for your financial records.

Should you want to manage your physical archives online, then we also have a great solution in our secure Cloud based platform, Omnidox Records Manager.  Our clients using Omnidox Records Manager simply love it!

Omnidox Records Manager

Omnidox Records Manager screen shot

Box-it Central offers both onsite and offsite shredding.  Onsite shredding is the service we provide via our mobile shredding lorry, which comes to your own premises to securely destroy your obsolete paperwork – perfect for financial document destruction.  Offsite shredding is when we collect shredding from you (we can provide shredding sacks with security ties, secure consoles and wheelie bins) and bring it back to our secure, CCTV monitored shredding facility near Warwick.  Both types of secure destruction are available on either an ad hoc, or as a regular scheduled service.  We also provide hard disk drive destruction.  Certificates of Destruction are issued at the end of whichever shredding/destruction process you choose for your obsolete financial records.

Box-it Central Mobile Shredding

Please get in touch for further information about any of our physical or digital document storage and confidential destruction services for your financial records, and we’ll be happy to provide all the information you need.

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