What Happens To My Confidential Waste When It Leaves The Office?


As part of a business’ due diligence obligations under the data protection act, it is required to know what happens with its confidential waste once it is taken from the office to be destroyed. Many companies choose to outsource their shredding and data destruction needs to a specialist, but even if this is the case it is still important to understand the journey your documents will take once they have left your premises.

When you use a secure waste destruction service, like the one offered by Boxit, you will have a choice between having your waste securely destroyed onsite or offsite.

Onsite Waste Destruction

Having your waste destroyed onsite at your business premises enables you to view the whole process, giving you further peace of mind that all compliance requirements have been met.

A carefully vetted and CRB-checked professional will arrive at your location in a secure destruction unit. Your sealed boxes or sacks will then be loaded into the shredder which automatically takes the lids off- limiting the amount of human interference throughout the shredding process.

Once your confidential paper documents have been safely destroyed you will then be issued with a Certificate of Destruction and a Waste Transfer Note so your business can ensure that its obligations have been fulfilled.

The shredded waste will then be baled and sent off for recycling.

Offsite Destruction

If you choose to have your confidential waste securely destroyed offsite then it will be much the same process. A trained professional will arrive and collect your sealed boxes or sacks, loading them into the back of a locked container.

The waste will then be taken to back to headquarters in a tracked van where it will be shredded, baled and sent off for recycling. Again, your business will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction and a Waste Transfer Notice to show that it has successfully carried out all of its data protection compliance requirements.

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