A Powerful App for Archive Management

We live in a fast moving world and we want information quickly, and available at our fingertips whether we are in the office, or on the move.  The NEW MI Dashboards application from Box-it provides users of Omnidox Records Manager with detailed information about the status of their physical archives at a glance.

MI Dashboards enables you to monitor and manage your physical archives providing a visual snapshot of the status of your records.  So if you store records at different facilities in multiple regions, MI Dashboards allows you to view the status of all activity across all sites.

For example, you can easily identify records that do not have review dates; you can see the percentage of active records in or out of document storage, and new additions to archives, as well as view all destruction activity either annually, monthly or weekly.  The MI Dashboards feature also enables users to isolate archived items that have never been retrieved, or moved whilst in storage, which ultimately can help save on unnecessary physical archiving costs.

To find out how MI Dashboards in conjunction with Omnidox Records Manager can help your business, please get in touch with Box-it Central.  We will be happy to arrange a free demonstration.

 MI Dashboards from Box-it

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