Not Tried Omnidox Records Manager Yet? Now’s Your Chance!

Not Tried Omnidox Records Manager Yet?  Now’s Your Chance!

Don’t forget to claim your Free Omnidox Records Manager Trial by contacting our Sales Team at Box-it Central.  It is the ideal online platform for securely managing all your physical archives and providing central control of all user activity across different departments and different sites.

Omnidox Records Manager

Omnidox Records Manager screen shot

Omnidox Records Manager developed by Box-it has extensive capabilities for physical archive management, but a key feature of this system, is that it is very user-friendly and provides all the tools for adding new content to archives, requesting collections and retrievals, ordering supplies and more.  It allows users to track orders and monitor the status of their archives from one, or multiple locations.

Inconsistent cataloguing and classification is a real problem when managing paper archives.  Omnidox Records Manager forces consistent classification and general good practice in records management, with powerful search and retrieve functionality for greater efficiencies and levels of accuracy.

Compliant document lifecycle management is made easier too with Omnidox Records Manager.  It provides the ability to automatically apply review dates in line with retention schedules for document destruction.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Records Management
  • One view (local and remote archives)
  • Review attributes automatically applied
  • Track orders
  • Emulates your taxonomy
  • Controlled Document Lifecycle Management
  • Cloud flexibility
  • User input validation (quality of data)
  • Catalogue Content Review
  • Forces good practice
  • Manage retrieval and collection on-line
  • NOW available with the enhanced option of MI Dashboards

To claim your FREE Omnidox Records Manager Trial, please contact Box-it Central.

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