The Differences Between On-Site And Off-Site Document Destruction


Although we live in an age where most businesses carry out the majority of their processes digitally and online, surprisingly there is still a large amount of paper waste generated. This waste often contains important information and sensitive data that businesses need to securely dispose of for compliancy reasons. There are two options for securely destroying documents as a business, either having them destroyed on-site or off-site.

On-site document destruction is one of the best ways to ensure that confidential or sensitive information is not compromised once it is no longer needed. It is one of the top recommended document destruction methods for privacy legislation compliance as there is very little opportunity for outside interference. On-site document destruction usually involves a risk assessment by your service provider so they are able to recommend the correct procedures to follow. Businesses are then given secure, tamper-proof containers that remain onsite, in which to keep documents that are awaiting destruction.

There will then be a regular, scheduled service that sees a trained DBS -checked, professional come into your office and safely destroy the documents. The documents are shredded within secure, locked trucks with no outside access from any unauthorised personnel. Once the documents have been safely shredded the business is then issued with a Certificate of Destruction. This is essential for completing the life cycle of the document and retaining as proof of secure destruction- often necessary for compliance procedures.

Off-site document destruction varies slightly from on-site shredding services. Typically a risk assessment will again be carried out to evaluate the level of security needed and how regularly collection services will need to be scheduled. Then, similarly to onsite destruction, the business will be provided with secure, locked containers in which they should store the sensitive documents awaiting destruction.

A regular pick-up service will then be arranged between the provider and the business requiring document destruction services to collect the confidential waste. This waste will be transported by a professionally trained, DBS checked member of staff to a locked and secure truck which is then driven directly to the provider’s destruction facilities. Once it has been safely shredded the waste will then be baled and recycled, and the business provided with a Certificate of Destruction.

To assure their customers, many document destruction providers will invite them to visit the destruction facilities and obtain references from existing clients, allowing potential customers to carry out due diligence checks as part of their data security compliance procedures.

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